Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Activation and Integration

Compiled from J. Carter and the Template Series

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Through the connection of the twelve basal circuits the ceremony on which to build an expanded sense of self is established. From this platform we enter the second platform of the template model the phase of activation and integration. Within this phase there are two alchemically coded ceremonies, the Thirteenth Circuit Ceremony and the Sacred Breath Ceremony. In both these ceremonies platonic and Archimedean Geometry provides one of the three components within the alchemical code that reconnects the thirteenth circuit and the seven circuits of the pranic mechanism reconnected in the ceremony of the Sacred Breath.


Language of Light - The Sacred Wedding

Starring into the sun just before sunset it is possible to differentiate the beams of light that pulsate so miraculously from this grand star as liquid gold of fractal transmissions, an endless code of light intelligence. This light code, a cascade of radiant matrices holds the evolutionary harmonic that merges with the magnetic Gaia rhythms pulsating from the earth's biospheric orb.  The embrace of these two impotencies of creation is the sacred marriage of the mother of form and the father of consciousness, the quantum tantra of creation. All of the natural world is born of this union.
Nature is a series of codes and counter resonance building between the two a matrix of archetypal patterning that translates this quantum tantric relationship into the principles of matter, expressing this alchemical union as life-forms that walk, fly and swim, clothed in fur, feather and skin, trees, flowers and shimmering wings ...all sprung from the palate of light. These codes are written in the language of light geometry, sacred geometry. As one of the two wave forms of sacred geometry, light is the final life impulse and transmitted from the galactic directive and translated by our soul.  Light holds within it that reach out to our earth with resonant fields with which to create.  The transmission of the electric information data is light, remains a stream of non-manifested potencies until it unifies with a magnetic gravitational resonant field.  It is the magnetic potency of earth's gravitational field which spiraling up from her biospherical aura, provides this field, the unified field of manifest existence.
The egg-like feminine receptors of the magnetic earth pulse provide the integrity of form taking the electric light directive of the seed impulse through integration and synthesis into crystallization. Through the embrace of these two concentric wave forms of creation is conceived the hologram of manifest existence.
The Thirteenth Circuit Ceremony of Activation and Integration through its design and progression creates a field of resonance for this creation code, drawing you into the courtship of creation and building a conduit of conscious communion between you and your incarnate body presence, your original blueprint and ultimately the source of your creation.

The Sacred Geometry of the Template

Conscious communion with sacred geometry is a fundamental aspect of our evolutionary awakening. On seeking illumination on the higher physics of creation  in order to understand the mechanism that governs the order of all manifest existence and realize the full human potential within this system of holonomic evolution, we find ourselves in the realm of sacred geometry.  The human DNA code, like all else in the living universe, is built upon hyper-cooperative, interactive energy pathways of ultra organized creative intelligence. This creation code is the intelligent patterning of information that spells out the gift of creation specific to the complete human blueprint.
The various octaves that make up this harmonic code have been donated by many sentient, sovereign beings from many far-flung star systems that gave of their genetics in a time that was sealed with the symbol of the bird, admitted in human matrix out of reach of any form of manipulation, the covenant is the soul blueprint is written in sacred geometric language of light.
The primary infrastructure of all existence is light.  

 All is light, All is geometry.
As sacred geometry is a configurative language of the elemental components of the divine creative force that gives birth to all life. It offers a direct conduit to prime consciousness, to source bypassing the dogmatic parameters of the intellect to transmit knowledge that exists beyond the reach of religion, philosophy, and belief or disbelief. Sacred geometry is a pure language that cares not the color of your skin, the country of your origin or your cultural beliefs. It seeks only to unify humanity by exposing interrelating harmony that lies at the heart of our creation. As we interact with sacred geometric forms our communing with the higher frequency forms that resonate with our original blueprint prior to the genetic modification of the human DNA.
One of the most important discoveries of the new quantum physics is that of the holographic nature of the universe. Each human is a fractal aspect of the universal holography. The geometric language of light that forms the underlying matrix of this hologram is the alphabet of the new paradigm. Although, the present manifestation of the human race isn't representing the full potency of that hologram due to its genetic modification. The blueprint for this immortal template exists within the soul covenant embedded in the human matrix. As we commune with sacred geometric forms we interact with their fields of informational influence. Their energetic radiance emits a frequency that communes with the vibratory infrastructure of our original blueprint in search of a like frequency with which to resonate. Through this resonant feedback the structural integrity of the original human template present in the soul covenant is reinforced.
On a specific design and progression of these geometric creation codes, are ceremoniously united with a consciously spoken resonant sonic code an alchemy is created that triggers coherence between the vibratory infrastructure of the soul covenant in the incarnate physical body. This coherence follows pathways of electromagnetic circuitry. In order to understand the implicate order of our own creation we need to expose ourselves to the simplicity in which it is written, the geometric language of light.  The sacred geometric configurations of the six alchemical components of creation water, air, fire, earth, ether and the sixth element of stellar radiance in their three stages of manifestation: iconic, embryonic and crystalline are the components within the alchemical code of the template ceremonies.

The resonant transmission of these forms in their various creation formulae replicates the soul covenant embedded in the human matrix. 

The Third Dimension - Fully Manifest in Form  

Contrary to popular belief the full manifestation of the third dimension is the highest evolutionary challenger for the human race at this time. Not only because in its full glory it is a realm of beauty beyond the imagination of the most talented visionary artist but because it is the stargate to all other dimensions.  On earth, in this time zone, we are experiencing a lower octave of the third dimension called duality. 

 Duality is a frequency zone mutually created by the oscillating transmissions of several billion units of human circuitry transmitting brainwave patterns creating the environmental, visual, audible feedback of reality that validates the mutant state of the human DNA through war, famine, genocide and subjugation of the natural world.  These wave patterns are emanating from a central complex in the human brain, they are the bio-informational signals transmitted by the ratio of neuro-chemicals manufactured and stabilized in this chemical crucible. The atomic composition of these chemicals is determined by the function and interaction of the three magical glands: the pituitary, the hypothalamus and the pineal. 
These glands are in atrophy as is the entire endocrine system as a result of a disconnection with the circuitry that provides them with their electromagnetic life force. The atomic make up of the neuro chemicals produced by these glands is ultimately geometric the incompetent ratio of these chemicals due to the atrophy of the manufacturing organ results in the dormancy of several configurations of the geometric spectrum of the third dimensional life directive.  This is mirrored not only in the behavioral modification of the human race, but also in the natural world.
The fractal composition that dictates the dimensional expression of nature is missing parts of the holographic prism through which light is photosynthesized and so expresses a lesser vibrancy and spectrum of color.  In the full manifestation of third dimensionality, coexisting with all other prime dimensions, there are trees so deeply green they're almost as blue as midnight. Each leaf is as a faceted jewel that when slightly turned emanates a fractal beam of deep violet, the golden hue shinning from its core. And suddenly there for a moment is the most brilliant opal hued, sliver flash, water, liquid crystal, lavender beams swimming in its depths becoming palest blue and creamy opal white and geometry dancing beneath it all as everything living thing celebrates together in the conscious ceremony of life eternal for here there is no shadow, no separation.

There is so much light, as the grand monospheric  sun embraces you in light with a thousand loving arms in a cosmic embrace and when that sun sinks away into indigo night of a billion stars you'll not sleep, but awaken into a realm of celestial dreaming, listening within the cathedral night to the starry mystery of the star child which you are.
Riding on the alpha waves of deep inner star studded space to the shores of brimming light and there again the sun that never left but only withdrew its light that you might know it through its  lovely consorts and returns now, as dawns caress upon this beloved earth as sun brings promise of another day filled only with the joy of living and loving.
This dimension exists here and now living on earth in us. Our collective consciousness has chosen to focus within this frequency zone because this is where it is needed, to resurrect our ability to receive, translate, and transmit the full spectrum of the radiance matrix of the creation directive...Light.
As a seed race we are coded to respond to various cultural and environmental stimuli, to awaken from the dream of duality. As we throw off the sleep of ages, connecting back into the never ending or beginning slipstream of universal dataflow, each of us becomes a portal, a worldbridger as we collectively amass a global resonant field of source awareness through resurrected circuitry, we stabilize a bridge for the exodus of our immortal race to return to its rightful place among the galactic holography within in the immortal continuum.

We will then begin the journey of conscious development that has been arrested by the modification of our DNA, the disconnection of our circuitry and by a deep stabilization of our solar system which has aborted us from the womb of holistic evolution. An evolution not defined by the acceleration of technology or the discovery of cures for the ever escalating number of plagues while our children continue to be abused and while most of the world lives in abject misery, poverty and fear.

This is not evolution, this is simply a mutant detour to render our prisons more comfortable for those who can afford it.
As illumination reaches south, the darkness escalates, such is the genius of this dualistic paradigm containing as it does, its own self-regulating system of warden shame. To break out of this frequency zone we must cooperate and unify our intentions coming out of denial of the global situation and understanding that it is not enough to make this reality work for you personally by seeing all your ever expanding comfort zones satiated through a hollow definition of abundance. Evolution begins with a reconnection to source and the autonomous definition of that source within the human psyche beyond the imposition of those who have written the history books, through the prism of their own desires and agendas.
As the fetus of humankind once again draws supper from its umbilical connection to the benevolent heart of creation the source consciousness awakens within them, to them seeding the embryo genesis that will birth the transcendental human.  The star gate of the third dimension beckons to us. Step through the portal ceremoniously. It is so easy it has already begun. Feel the deep magnetic pull of the universal hologram pulling you into the eye and joy of life eternal. It will not fail you, its power is love.

The Thirteenth Circuit of Integration and Activation

The Physics of Consciousness in the Archetypal Arena

The reconnection of the thirteenth circuit of integration and activation is the first introduction to the full spectrum of the third dimensional frequency. This frequency is translated in the human energy field as a result of the communion of the influential harmonic transmitted by the design and progression of the 23 forms of geometric fractals of the third dimensional creation code in unison with their sonic counterparts. This ceremony activates the occipital terminus of the thirteenth circuit to function as a delivery system and decoder of the third dimensional creation code. The function of the coccyx terminus of the thirteenth circuit is to integrate this code into the time space coordinate of the incarnate body presence.

The reconnection of this thirteenth circuit body intelligence is a major step in the re-synthesis of the human energy field into the governing mechanism of the universal holography bypassing the sentimental fear, shame and guilt based programming of historical orthodox religions that are tearing the world apart.
The influx of intelligence data originating from the source of the hologram impacts the human at the level of the core identity and begins the cleansing of the archetypal arena by redefining the meaning of source God directly through the energetic language of creation.

The erroneous definition of source God is the most malevolent and powerful manipulation of human consciousness. This quintessential lysenium of deception has been perpetrated in a myriad of ways including the manipulation of historic recall and the insertion of a false history. This false inheritance has entrenched in the psyche the archetypal duality of demonic and angelic models creating conflict on the deep strata of human behavioral reference resulting in deep wounds of separation, spiritual abandonment and betrayal.
In order to realize and stabilize the new paradigm that will spring from the new definition of source we must establish within the archetypal arena the iconic model that defines are highest evolutionary purpose that defines our function as conduits and instruments of light and love.

This is the prime function of the ceremony of activation and integration that reconnects the thirteenth circuit. This ceremony is a replica of the courtship of creation holding the frequency model of the activating life directive transmitted from the heart of the cosmos and the receptive integrating pulse emanating from the crystalline core of this planet earth.  Placing the individual unit of circuitry as the conjugal mediator of these two creation frequencies resurrecting the human body temple as the sacred enclosure for the sacred marriage. The marriage of the mother of form and the father of consciousness.

This ceremony bypasses the present model of historical and cultural behavior and the patriarchal language that it employs to transcend the dualistic framework of present day psychology and psychiatry and escorts into the arena of alchemical experience allowing for the healing of the deep wounds of abandonment and betrayal that have dogged the human race.
This occurs not through intellectual analysis but by reconnecting the human electromagnetic field energetically to the life impulse emanating endlessly from the galactic core and by enticing human consciousness through the gateway of life eternal linking its spiraling energy field into the electromagnetic wheels of never beginning, never ending cycle of existence radiating from the nomadic, omnipotent, omnipresent source of awareness. The embrace of this holonomic model that governs all of existence resurrects the potential for self-rejuvenation that is our natural state. We are an immortal race locked in a mortal paradigm.
The thirteenth circuit ceremony of activation and integration rings electromagnetically and vibrational liberation from this dimensional prison, the immortal core identity rises phoenix-like from the soul covenant to embrace the divine matrix of form that is the physical body.  Consciousness awakens within the focal point of manifest creation within the unified field. The victim becomes the creation, and the creator.

You are not only this, you are the universe.
The thirteenth circuit ceremony initiates the cleansing of the archetypal arena not by reprogramming it by retuning the body-mind system to the resonance of the geometric soul covenant embedded in the human matrix, the original human blueprint. The design and progression of the thirty-nine geometric fractals of the third dimensional creation code and their sonic counterparts are resonant with the various aspects of the holonomic agreement that lies at the heart of the human masterpiece. As this agreement is awakened, through frequency resonance, the thirteenth circuit is reinstated. The sonic code is an alchemical component within this resurrection that linguistically redefines the human as a sentient sovereign entity able to access and translate the full spectrum of the life directive present in the informational matrix of light.

This reinforces the primal resonant integrity of the human celestial seeding and the souls lineage present within evolutionary harmonic seed codes which are the tree of life and tree of knowledge.

The creation code given by many sentient beings from many star systems. Each of the thirty-nine pieces of sacred geometry that forms an alchemical component within ceremony corresponds to the aspect of the holonomic symbiotic code in which the human design is the sensory organ for planetary ascension and earth and the entire solar system is the counter resonant organ for human ascension.

This harmonic galactic identity is evident within the stunning sonic code that begins by honoring our connection to the reservoir of pleasure and casual desire. And continues on with the many facets of quintessential divine identity that defines the human as an instrument of light and love.; the benevolence of creation.

Resurrecting the Geometric Soul Covenant

The physical body is as sacred as the soul. In the teachings of orthodox religion, the soul is always immortal and far superior to the flesh and bones of the body the same dualistic perception of separation defines heaven as up there and hell in the center of the earth. But is this focus on the spirit, the soul, the unseen as more worthy of our respect than the incarnate disposable fabric of material existence that allows for the abuse of our bodies and the desecration of our environment.

The separation of spirit from matter is the founding reference originating from the iconic model in the psyche that leads both to our estrangement from the governing mechanism that will gift us with the immortal continuum and to the present neuro-pyscho biology that initiates the deterioration of the physical body into death.
Everything about the ceremonies of integration and activation is focused towards the reunification of spirit and matter, of body and soul. The linguistic code and the visual synthesis of geometric configurations echo and mirror the integration, synthesis and crystallization of these two potencies of creation.

The linguistic code that accompanies the tantric star tetrahedron acknowledges the sacred enclosure of the sacred marriage of spirit and matter. Each ceremony within the template series ends with these words.
 "I acknowledge and honor my physical being as the pinnacle of manifestation of my spiritual identity."
This is a powerful and healing statement that echoes the physical frequency of immortality as it recognizes the sacred tantric union of spirit and matter.
The soul cannot be found within the genetic material from which we are constructed it is, however; the energetic inspiration that allows for manifestation of this material. The blueprint for the blueprint. The genetic code within the DNA is the readout within which is the manifest entity, its soul covenant.

The soul is a inter-dimensional, hyperfractal and exists within every molecule of your being. What you see in the mirror is that fractal of your soul covenant that has made it across the bridge, the portion that has been birthed into form, the blueprint of your soul covenant activated and integrated by your ability to translate the language it is written in...Light.

The fraction of the creation code that you are watered down into manifest existence in which the morpho-genetic field is able to support and quantify. This fractal of your identity is being dictated by genetic modification of your DNA and connection of your circuitry.
When you begin to think in terms of holograms you see that nothing exists in isolation, everything is apart of everything else.  
The soul covenant, rather than a sentimentalized lofty sensing device that registers all your shameful sins, is instead a living schematic of information that requires your ability to access it and birth it into physical being. Our thoughts and actions that move in opposition to the covenant in which to give and receive love in all that we do, is the foundation requirement, closes the heart center and retards the souls expression in our bodies, our lives and our world.
The original human blueprint is a fractal of hyper holographic universe. Your blood contains the same divine essence of molecular alchemy, as the rivers that run to the sea, your bones are made of the elemental components as the ancient stone monoliths that have silently witnessed the passing of eons.

WE are continually exchanging the data flow of source intelligence with the body of earth with every form of life within her embrace. The circuits of electromagnetic exchange bind us together as one living motion of psycho-sensory, interconnected, space-time coordinates within the universal order. Never was there a time when any form of life within this ocean, did not exist, as all of life transits in this field of existence to recreate itself in whatever forms available within the matrix.

Taking into the next incarnation, the data that it has gathered and repeating the cycle until it learns to break the cycle of degeneration by breaking the codes of creation.
When a critical mass of gathered source intelligence is transmitted from a consciously awakened group of individuals within this field and fed into the biospheric membrane of the morphogenetic grid, the present paradigm explodes with light, no longer able to hold back the tides of the unborn, eternal, everlasting continuum.
As we expand and mutate into light transmuting units of bio-circuitry within this whole mechanism we open portals into a symbiosis of the soul covenant which allows for the growth and evolution of our solar system, our galaxy and our universe deep into our everyday domesticity to transform the mundane into the transcendent, bursting the seams of superficiality that masquerade as culture to allow the radiant emissaries of light to delineate a new model of existence beyond the present pain of being human beyond the field fear. All this evolutionary potential is already in our keeping within the soul covenant and within our bodies.

The Geometric Soul Covenant in the Ceremony

Like all else in the living universe in the soul covenant embedded in the human matrix is built upon the vibratory infrastructure of a vicillium of energy pathways. The particular creation code of the human soul covenant holds a spatial cognition that is not only in holonomic resonance with earth's biospheric receptor codes but also holds an evolutionary resonance with directed intelligence codes of stellar radiance emanating from every celestial body in the universal system and every sub-system of every galaxy and every universe thereafter.
All existence performs upon the mechanics of holography an interspatial, inter-dimensional, Celtic artwork of electromagnetic information systems embracing all from the subatomic to the multi-universal. The data bank of the soul covenant is not a fixed linear consequential readout of information that runs on a timeline, but rather a living vibrating torus of inter-dimensional, interacting, interconnecting co-creative holonomic systems. Systems that share spatial cognition, self inventing rubric cube, interlacing mandallic codes. A holographic vehicle through which any time, or energy level in the universe can be experienced. This holographic vehicle has been known in various ancient texts as the merkabah of which the star tetrahedron is a fractal. This merkabah is the geometric soul covenant holographically invented in the human matrix and holds the blueprint for the original human design prior to genetic modification.